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OT-203E Civil, Structural and Architectural Engineering and Design Requirements for Modular Projects

About This Webinar

The objective of this training workshop is to review the modular Civil, Structural and Architectural (CSA) engineering and design requirements and. We will review the CSA differences between traditional stick-built designs vs. modular designs and what CSA considerations are required for modular designs. This training workshop is intended to be interactive.

Participants of this workshop should leave with an understanding of the following:

What collaboration methods are required for CSA engineering and design?
How the module structural frame is developed for modular designs?
What are the modular CSA design differences compared to traditional stick-built designs?
What are the CSA engineering and design requirements for modular designs?

Key Topics:
• CSA engineering and design collaboration requirements
• Differences compared to traditional stick-built designs
• Modular CSA engineering and design requirements including:
o Base frame design
o Underground drain piping
o Structural design methods including transportation considerations
o Dynamic equipment on modules
o Architectural requirements

Note: We will need a minimum number of registrants to proceed with this course. If we do not achieve the minimum number of registrants we may need to reschedule or cancel the course.

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Webinar Price: C$495.00
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Cathy is the Vice President of DyCat Solutions Inc., a company which provides innovative solutions to the heavy industrial business sector. She has over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. She facilitates training, workshops and alignment sessions for Modularization and Facility Standardization methods.
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