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OT-201 - Project Execution Requirements for Modular Projects Training Course

About This Webinar

The objective of this training course is to review project execution requirements for modular projects and the main differences to traditional stick-built executions. We will review the differences between traditional stick-built executions vs. modular executions and designs and what project execution considerations are required for modular executions. The methods introduced in the modular execution and design training program will complement and enhance the Construction Industry Institute (CII) best practice for industrial modularization.

Each course will be online, and instructor led. The training course is intended to be interactive with class discussion and online questions/brainstorming that will reinforce the learnings.

Participants of this workshop should leave with an understanding of the following:

• The differences in execution between traditional, stick-built approach versus modular execution approach
• Methods and requirements for a successful modular project execution
• The main modular execution risks and mitigation strategies

Duration: 6 Hrs (excludes a 1 hr lunch)

Recommended Attendees:
• Project Directors / Management / Engineers
• Module Management
• Project Controls Management
• Engineering Management
• Supply Chain Management
• Construction Management
• Office Management (Optional)
o Business Development

  • Modular project execution differences when compared to traditional, stick-built executions
  • - Project Module Management Team responsibilities
  • Modular project execution considerations
  • - Project Collaboration
  • - Advanced Work Packaging requirements
  • - Information and Data Management
  • - Project interface requirements
  • - Execution considerations at each project phase
  • Modular execution risk and mitigation strategies
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Webinar Price: C$495.00
Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Cathy F
Module SME - Facilitator
Cathy is the Vice President of DyCat Solutions Inc., a company which provides innovative business driven solutions to the heavy industrial business sector. She facilitates workshops and alignment sessions with customers using DyCat’s four innovative solutions: Modularization, Facility Standardization, Lean Design and Execution. These solutions enable the ability to achieve capital efficiency on programs and projects. She has over 23 years of experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining industries and most recently, she has worked with global customers providing the expertise, training and tools to implement modularization, lean design and standardization on their projects. Currently she is she is currently co-chair of the Construction Industry Institutes (CII) Capital Efficiency Scorecard project, leading the Modular-AWP working group within CII, part of the CII funded studies committee and part of the AWP advisory board.
Webinar hosting presenter
Modular Expert - Facilitator
Fred is President of DyCat Solutions, a company which provides innovative business driven solutions to the heavy industrial business sector. He is a recognized leader of providing innovative solutions in developing the most optimum capital efficiency for owners of heavy industrial projects. He has been globally recognized as a subject matter expert for his development of modular designs practices and execution solutions. Fred has over 40 years’ experience in project execution from front end engineering to project completions. Has executed various phases of a project, from front end, through detailed engineering, construction, to commissioning and start-up. Fred has provided specialized consulting and training to owners and EPC companies over the last 4 years while with Dycat Solutions. He has been a part of and contributed to Construction Industry Institutes (CII) CBA’s and sector committees over the last several years. Portfolio assignments included Zero Base Execution development and Subject Matter Expert for Modularization, and Technical Lead on Fluor’s 3rd Gen Modular ExecutionSM research and development.
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DyCat Solutions Inc webinar platform hosts OT-201 - Project Execution Requirements for Modular Projects Training Course
DyCat Solutions has prepared formal training for participants that would like to learn what, when, why, who and how to execute a heavy industrial project by applying a modular execution and design. DyCat Solutions is registered education provider with Construction Industry Institute (CII).
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