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Incorporate Collaboration into your Project to ensure Success

About This Webinar

Collaboration among all departments and disciplines is required to ensure a successful project. It has been proven that organizations which are horizontally structured result in more effective communication. Collaboration is especially important when introducing new design and execution approaches into the project, such as industrial modularization or facility standardization approaches. When a new approach is introduced and is a change from convention, project teams will resist the change as it will be perceived to be challenging to implement rather than sticking with the status quo. People tend to revert to what they know when things get difficult and when new learnings are required.

This webinar will introduce the participants on how to incorporate collaboration into your project.

The following topics will be reviewed:

- What is collaboration?
- How to incorporate collaboration into your project?

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Cathy F
Module SME - Facilitator
Cathy is the Vice President of DyCat Solutions Inc., a company which provides innovative business driven solutions to the heavy industrial business sector. She facilitates workshops and alignment sessions with customers using DyCat’s four innovative solutions: Modularization, Facility Standardization, Lean Design and Execution. These solutions enable the ability to achieve capital efficiency on programs and projects. She has over 23 years of experience in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining industries and most recently, she has worked with global customers providing the expertise, training and tools to implement modularization, lean design and standardization on their projects. Currently she is she is currently co-chair of the Construction Industry Institutes (CII) Capital Efficiency Scorecard project, leading the Modular-AWP working group within CII, part of the CII funded studies committee and part of the AWP advisory board.
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