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Debt Free 4 Life Webinar

Wed, Oct 5, 2022 · 7:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Debt can be a huge barrier to retiring comfortably. But for many of us, the problem isn’t the debt we owe, it’s the interest we pay on it!

On average – 30% of the total amount you pay towards debt every month is used to pay off interest!

That interest goes straight into the pockets of student loan companies, auto financers, banks, and credit card companies. These financial institutions and the “Fat Cats” who run them, are compounding THEIR wealth with YOUR money.

Not really fair, is it?

Many Americans work hard to pay off their debt. But what happens when you need a new car? A bigger house for your family? A medical emergency happens?

You’re right back in debt…again. And you’re back to paying ridiculously high interest rates…again.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how to
• Pay off your debt faster
• Turn the table on the creditors and put the power of compound interest to work for YOU
• Stay debt free for life

Come and learn more at this group presentation, hosted by retirement specialist, Greg DuPont. This educational event will reveal the latest strategies you can use to pay off your debt and save for the future.

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Webinar hosting presenter GREG-DUPONT
Today, my clients can give me a call and ask advice without worrying about the hourly billable factor. It’s important to me to bring value and expand and deliver solutions. I’m accustomed to working with clients as a fiduciary and a financial advocate. I describe myself as “a friend in the law”, and that’s exactly what I aim to be. Really, it’s not difficult given that I’m a Columbus native, and the people here truly are my friends and family.

I remain calm and centered in part because I have a great support system. Outside of the office, you’ll hardly ever see me without my wife or my teenage daughter, and that’s perfectly okay with me. My clients and my family are all I need.

I operate on what I call the P.I.L.O.T. process, which stands for Planning Improves Life Over Time. This proprietary, automated, step-by-step process that connects every aspect of their financial life, from growing and protecting their estate, to establishing an income stream for life.

I have seen the tremendous benefits that good guidance can create, and the disastrous impact of the lack of guidance or bad advice. Over my years of practice as an attorney I have met many people in the financial service industry, from new advisors to experienced CFPs, and others with various other accreditations. I have seen the value that having a deep lasting relationship with such an advisor can have, a relationship where someone is watching out for your financial well-being and advising you along the way.

In creating DuPont Wealth Solutions it was my goal to bring together the best available resources for our clients and the ability to address their unique situation. Our team was put together with the central principal of providing first class service in an unbiased, professional manner. We take pride in building long-lasting deep relationships with our clients.

If you are looking for independent guidance and analysis of your financial needs, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and to be of service.