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Belonging with Allyson Byrd - Honoring Blackness in Your Community with Love and Acceptance

About This Webinar

The digital marketing community has a lot of work to do to tip the scales in the direction of a more diverse workforce with inclusion as a necessary step in addressing racial equity as an industry standard.

Frontline leaders have greater responsibility, pressures, and more decision-making power than ever before. Yet many aren’t equipped with the skills to lead effectively.

We go through cycles of violence, grieving, disconnection and vigilance. We hold our breaths until the next cycle begins while people send thoughts and prayers and continue to live their normal lives.

If there were a way to break the cycle, would you choose that path?

In this hour, Allyson will highlight three universal laws that honor Blackness in your community with love and acceptance.

Law One: The Law of Presence
Law Two: The Law of Intersectionality
Law Three: The Law of Imagination

We understand that growth happens by developing the whole person. There is no leadership development without self-development. Leaders today need a combination of strong soft skills and technical capabilities in order to be effective. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging are a necessary part of this toolkit.

Authentic leadership includes courage in the face of uncomfortable conversations, and commitment to ensuring diversity, inclusion and belonging are prioritized by everyone.

Discussions around belonging — specifically, those around race — can feel awkward but are necessary for racial equity since an inclusive environment can only exist if everyone is willing to communicate openly.This is a unifying conversation that includes EVERYONE.

It’s been said that diversity is a fact; however, inclusion is a decision.

Come join us for this conversation! We'd be happy to have you.

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