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Obstacles and Innovations: What's Changed for Email Marketing in 2019

Wed, Jun 12, 2019 · 1:00 PM · Central Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Optimal email marketing is achieved by finding balance amidst the obstacles and innovations constantly disrupting the channel. Big changes – both positive and negative – have already impacted email marketing this year.

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL have all instituted filter updates, favoring social emails over email sender reputation, making it even more difficult to get promotional emails in front of target audiences.

Advances in identifying physician preference for content and delivery day/time of content are increasing the likelihood of high-quality engagements with target audiences.

As we near the half point 2019 and look ahead to 2020, it’s time for a check-in to show healthcare marketers how to stay on top of both the disruptive changes and growing adoption of innovations.

In this webinar, hear from email scientist Jerrad Rickard on:

• Changes made by email service providers, causing critical interruptions to today’s email campaigns
• Finding the right balance of email in the current landscape – when is your campaign not delivering enough….or delivering too much
• How to balance existing and new strategies to improve the visibility of your email
• Innovations healthcare marketers need to take note of, such as send-time optimization

It’s no longer enough to just “rinse and repeat” on best practices – your current and future email programs need to be able to adapt and adopt – quickly!

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