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Keeping the house just got harder in divorce under new tax reform.

Are you prepared for more divorce-related REFI/NLO in 2018? Especially QTRs 3 & 4?

Divorce is changing in 2018, with more filings and more acrimony from federal tax reform and BIG tax changes affecting Alimony & Mortgage. Get ready with this FREE Webinar!
  • Evaluate TCJA changes in Alimony Taxation for 2019+, and compare 2018 incentive to finalize divorce before 12/31/2018.
  • Confirm which IRS federal tax changes are already in effect, changing divorce & mortgages for 2018.
  • Distinguish ongoing mortgage interest deductiblity under $750,000 and acquisition/improvement secured debt.
  • Review which HELOCs are grandfathered out of the new TCJA deductibility limit for real estate acquisition/improvement secured debt.
  • Examine how 20% deduction for Pass Through Businesses Strategically Changes Tax Filing Status during the year divorce is finalized.
  • Want to increase referrals and production in 2018? Learn more about the smarter way to specialize in the Divorce Mortgage Niche!
Prof. Kelly L. Murray, J.D.
Co-Founder | DivorceThisHouse.com
Prof. Kelly Lise Murray, J.D. graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford and cum laude from Harvard Law School (in the same class with Justice Neil Gorsuch and former President Barack Obama). With an Illinois law license and Tennessee real estate license, she has been a Vanderbilt Instructor in Law since 2005, teaching legal writing. As a speaker and interdisciplinary continuing education trainer, Murray co-founded DivorceThisHouse.com in 2008 and has taught divorce real estate to over 2,000 judges, lawyers, mediators, and collaborative professionals in 8+ states, as well as hundreds of real estate professionals.
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