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Transmedia Storytelling in Journalism

About This Webinar

Fighting fake news on its own front:

You’re a journalist. You work really hard to double-source your goods, get attribution for your quotes and produce stories that will inform the public debate, not manipulate it. So why let your work end up just being another sermon for the choir?

In this session we’ll look at how Hollywood, Madison Avenue, PR firms and political activists tell stories across platforms, and discuss how those same techniques can work for journalism. Learn how to tell better and more complex stories and to reach audiences on the media they already use. We’ll talk about tools for finding those audiences, how to build reporting and publishing partnerships, and the decisions involved in transmedia project design.

This session is the second of three taught by the Center for Emerging Media Design and Development at Ball State University. Check out our linked sessions on Design Thinking and User Experience Testing in neighboring weeks. A portion of the instructor fees for these sessions will be donated to Puerto Rican hurricane relief.

- A transmedia decision flow

Who should take this training:
- Staff reporters and editors looking to change the way they cover a beat.
- Freelance journalists ready to undertake deeper enterprise projects.
- Publishers and broadcasters hoping to extend their reach to new audiences.

About the Instructor:

Kevin Moloney is a professor of journalism at Ball State University’s Center for Emerging Media Design and Development where he teaches transmedia storytelling and coordinates real-world, socially-concerned transmedia projects.

Moloney is also a veteran international journalist. His global journalism work has appeared in more than 960 New York Times stories as well as hundreds more in international news and culture publications.

Before joining Ball State, He taught photojournalism for 21 years. His former students are among the most award-winning international photojournalists working today.

Moloney also has conducted international journalism training workshops in Argentina, Chile, the Union of Myanmar (Burma) and Venezuela.



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