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Multi-Platform Storytelling in Journalism

About This Webinar

The mediascape of the 21st century is both a wicked problem and an unlimited opportunity for journalists. At the same time that powerful new storytelling tools have emerged, our once-captive audiences have scattered into dispersed social media platforms. We can tell compelling stories like never before. But how do we get those stories in front of the publics that need them?

A multi-platform or transmedia story unfolds in multiple media forms and across many media channels in an expansive rather than redundant way. This training will examine how Hollywood, Madison Avenue and journalism organizations like National Geographic and The Marshall Project use it to tell better and more complex stories and to reach audiences on the media they already use. We’ll talk about tools for finding those audiences, how to build reporting and publishing partnerships, and the decisions involved in transmedia project design.

• A transmedia decision flow

Who should take this training:
• Staff reporters and editors looking to change the way they cover a beat.
• Freelance journalists ready to undertake deeper enterprise projects.
• Publishers and broadcasters hoping to extend their reach to new audiences.

  • What is transmedia storytelling and how does it differ from more-familiar multimedia and crossmedia storytelling?
  • Audience targeting for journalists
  • Building reporting and publishing partnerships
  • Decision flows for transmedia design: How to plan a transmedia project
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter James Buck
James Buck manages DigitalEd, a series of live online trainings offered by MediaShift, the premier destination for insight and analysis at the intersection of media and technology.
Webinar hosting presenter Kevin Moloney
Kevin Moloney, Ph.D., is a transmedia journalism scholar and consultant and a veteran international journalist. His global journalism work has appeared in more than 960 New York Times stories as well as hundreds more in international news and culture publications. He teaches photojournalism, multimedia production, transmedia storytelling and the socio-cultural implications of information technology at the university level. His former students are among the most award-winning international photojournalists working today. Moloney also has conducted international journalism training workshops in Argentina, Chile, the Union of Myanmar (Burma) and Venezuela. Learn more here: http://transmediajournalism.org
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DigitalEd @ MediaShift webinar platform hosts Multi-Platform Storytelling in Journalism
DigitalEd is a series of live online trainings offered by MediaShift, the premier destination for insight and analysis at the intersection of media and technology.
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