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Learn Ferrite Recording Studio for Mobile Audio Reporting

About This Webinar

With the newly released Ferrite iPhone app, users have the only tool they need to record, edit, and transmit professional-quality audio reports, features, and podcasts.

Ferrite Recording Studio app is the first multi-track audio editing app designed for journalists in five years — an eternity in today’s quickly-changing digital news environment.

Award-winning reporter and mobile journalism trainer Neal Augenstein — a beta tester before the app’s release — will offer step-by-step instruction and best practices for this new field reporting tool.

This training will show how to record interviews and reporter tracks, how to select, finely edit, and rearrange soundbites, how to bring listeners to the scene with natural and ambient sound, and how to share content with a newsroom or the world.

The app can be downloaded for free before the training at https://www.wooji-juice.com/products/ferrite/

Who should take this training?

- Journalists for any medium who want to use cutting-edge audio recording technologies and strategies to increase the audiences on their legacy platforms
- Public relations and public information professionals looking to provide quality audio content that will catch the attention of news organizations and the public
- Students, including digital natives, who want to perfect their professional newsgathering skills and impress potential employers
- Anyone — like Neal — who has been using the long-ignored Voddio multitrack editing app, but has been searching (and waiting) for a robust, stable alternative.

  • How to ensure clear audio recording with the touch of a button
  • Built-in microphone or handheld? Choosing the right one for the job
  • Why ambient sound is the most important aspect of an audio report
  • Accessories and hacks to improve the quality of your Ferrite reports
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Neal Augenstein
Neal Augenstein is an award-winning reporter with WTOP-FM and WTOP.com, the top-rated digital news organization in Washington, D.C. In 2010 he became the first major-market radio reporter to do all of his field reporting on an iPhone. Neal’s earlier iPhone is on display at The Newseum. He blogs at iphonereporting.com and trains news organizations and non-profits how to do mobile reporting.
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