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How to Become a Mobile Ninja in the Field

About This Webinar

Use mobile tools while reporting to quickly generate direct-to-social content

We’re past the “Oh look! You can do journalism with a smartphone!” phase of mobile journalism. We know that using mobile devices gives us mobility, a production office in the field and a way to generate content quickly from the scene. Unfortunately, there are increasing demands for on-the-scene content to feed the social media machine. But every piece of content tweeted is time lost reporting.

This training will show you how to use various mobile tools while reporting to quickly generate interesting direct-to-social content – without taking away reporting time. Each of the tools and techniques featured requires less than 90 seconds to create content that goes up to social media and lets you get back to reporting.

Handouts included:
- Documents on the best field-tested apps.
- Explanations of the gear you need to up the quality of your mobile reporting game
- Templates for covering different kinds of stories using just your phone.

Who should take this training:
- Reporters who deal with breaking news and have to feed the social media beast from the scene
- Sports reporters who are looking to add depth and texture to their pre- and post-game reporting
- Digital producers who have to constantly update sites and feeds with news from the field
Any media maker who wants to use mobile reporting to add another dimension to their work

  • How to take content you’ve gathered and “chunk” it up optimally for mobile-to-social transmission
  • The best apps to quickly create stories and bits of content
  • What “cotton candy content” is – and how you can use it to own a story and build brand loyalty
  • Strategies to create a consistent flow of information during a breaking news situation
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Judd Slivka
Judd Slivka is an assistant professor of convergence journalism at the Missouri School of Journalism who specializes in mobile journalism. Slivka has worked with newsrooms around the country on how to implement mobile technologies into newsgathering and production workflows. He is a frequent beta tester of mobile apps and prototype tester for mobile equipment makers.
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