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How To Make Social Videos with Impact

About This Webinar

The social video market is booming. And as the industry grows, who better than you to take your client's storytelling to the next level? In this tutorial you’ll learn what it takes to make videos that can excite, explain, and entertain in a tight timeline that’s suitable for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Get ready for an action-packed class. Attendees will get an assignment and learn first-hand how to produce and edit a social video within a tight timeframe. Along the way, you’ll learn how to optimize your production workflow for any platform with consideration for resolution, aspect ratio, and titling, so that your audience will WANT to watch your stuff until the end. Students will leave with a deeper knowledge of the various types of video that work well on multiple social platforms and feeling confident in their editorial decisions.

What you’ll learn from this training:

- A reference guide to sequence settings, export, and posting

Who should take this training:
- Video Producers and Editors looking to make the leap from traditional news packages into social digital video production
- Multimedia Journalists who want to expand their reach and increase their audience
- Freelance reporters who are developing a well-rounded portfolio and want to add another skill to the mix

About the Instructor:

Sara Snyder is a wildly creative and award-winning multimedia producer, shooter and editor taking on life’s grandest adventures. Whether Sara is challenging her yoga-approved balance filming on the rocking beams of an oyster farm or getting attacked by fire ants as she navigates the jungles of Zanzibar, she’s always willing to push the limits of her comfort zone to get the story. Her work has been featured by Teen Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, USA TODAY, National Geographic and AJ+ among others. If Sara can continue to travel the world with a camera in her hand sharing stories about the amazing people and places she gets to visit, she will be happy forever!

  • How to write, edit, and produce video content that keeps your audience captive until the end of the piece
  • How to create a production workflow that’s built for speed using Adobe Creative Cloud
  • How to optimize videos for multiple platforms with maximum reach
  • Best practices for social video exporting and integration
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Webinar hosting presenter Sara Snyder
Sara Snyder is a multimedia producer, shooter and editor.
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DigitalEd is a series of live online trainings offered by MediaShift, the premier destination for insight and analysis at the intersection of media and technology.
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