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DigitalEd: iPhone Audio Reporting 101

About This Webinar

The days of carrying recorders, microphones, and cables and cameras are gone – the smartphone is replacing bulky audio gear. #iphonereporting, as developed and practiced by Neal Augenstein, enables journalists and professional communicators to create and share content and engage with users on a variety of platforms from the field.

This training will show how to use free and inexpensive mobile apps to record and edit audio (as well as video and photos) to creatively engage with audiences. Participants will be encouraged to use a variety of storytelling apps to communicate quickly and effectively.

Who should take this training?

* Professional radio, television, newspaper, and online journalists who want to expand their storytelling possibilities.

* Students, including digital natives, who want to learn methods of perfecting their news gathering workflow.

* Public relations and public information professionals looking to create attention-grabbing content.

* Anyone who wants to use inexpensive apps to create content in the field.

Note: If you can't attend the live session, you can still register and see the archived video and ask questions of the instructor.

  • How to turn an iPhone into a microphone
  • News-gathering strategies that maximize benefits and minimize limitations of a smartphone
  • Choosing the best apps for recording, editing and sharing audio, with one person or the world
  • Accessories, hacks and tips to ensure you get the story
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Webinar hosting presenter Neal Augenstein
Neal Augenstein is an award-winning reporter with WTOP-FM and WTOP.com, the top-rated digital news organization in Washington, D.C. In 2010 he became the first major-market radio reporter to do all of his field reporting on an iPhone. Neal’s earlier iPhone is on display at The Newseum. He blogs at iphonereporting.com and trains news organizations and non-profits how to do mobile reporting.
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