Interested in an MBA, STEM MBA, or Management degree? Take just 20 minutes to watch our free on-demand open house! You will hear from program directors, coordinators, and advisors in each of these areas to learn about everything necessary to make the right decisions for your master's degree!

P.S. If you are able, we recommend that you watch this webinar on a computer instead of a mobile device for the best experience.
  • Transform Video (2 mins.)
  • Welcome (1 min.)
  • MBA Presentation (8 mins.)
  • STEM MBA Presentation (3 mins.)
  • MS/MA in Management Presentation (2 mins.)
  • Next Steps (2 mins.)
  • International Student Info (2 mins.)
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    Matt Duce
    Graduate Program Coordinator
  • 1626192759-3fee47f73cdd8de7
    Dr. Jonathan Wilson
    MBA Program Director
  • 1626192790-54514d1635dcbc69
    Dr. Sandra Reid
    STEM MBA Advisor
  • 1626192889-4bedc94b9a3fdaf2
    Dr. Joseph Hopkins
    MA/MS Management Program Director