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About This Webinar

​Welcome to the first 2020 Apache Cassandra™ Certification Training brought to you by Exclusive Canadian Partners Datanaya.

To celebrate, we're giving away Apache Cassandra™ Certifications valued at $370 for 20 participants who complete the training!

We will be together presenting you the DataStax Developer Training, a 3-day workshop of hands-on learning about Apache Cassandra™ (Core Cassandra, Cassandra Data Modeling and Application Development) and DataStax Enterprise (Search, Analytics, Graph, Operations and Security).

Learn the fundamentals of Apache Cassandra, creating data models, getting started quickly with application development using the DataStax drivers, trying search features, running ad-hoc queries on your data.

Throughout the day, you will interact with DataStax engineers, and other technical members to ask questions, talk about architecture and solutions that you may be working on, or generally discuss any number of graph, analytics, search, or distributed systems related questions. You will also have the opportunity to network with our experts, Developer Advocates and peers!

Timeline: This program is a 3-day workshop with 3-2-hour sessions and networking happens on July 7-9 from 6pm-8pm.

Language: English
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