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Fundamental Movement Skills of Striking & Fielding Games with Sean de Morton

Mon, May 24, 2021 · 8:00 AM · Melbourne
About This Webinar

Sean de Morton Cricket Australia- Teacher and Education Specialist.

Exciting new FREE webinar with loads of activities for teachers to use instantly, from one of the best engagement specialists in the world.

Passionately providing learning experiences direct to teachers nationwide to increase teacher competence and confidence when delivering Fundamental Movement Skill and Striking and Fielding Games through the lens of cricket. Sean and the school's team work closely with the amazing States and Territory Australian Cricket Field Force to connect students with clubs and inspire a life long live of movement through the sport of cricket.

Since beginning the role in mid-2020 in the heart of COVID lockdowns, Sean showed resourcefulness by creating over 30 cricket at home videos for parents and their children to engage with whilst in remote learning. These at-home videos now becoming “Flipped Learning” videos to be part of the upgrade to the new Primary HPE Program released in Term 3 2021.

Sean has spent a large amount of time with Wayne Schultz at Roxburgh Park Primary School capturing new video content to take the Cricket Resources to the next level. 15 webinars as part of the Cricket Classroom Webinar Series. Was awarded a spot in the Cricket Australia Vl for energy and enthusiasm. Known in CA circles as the energiser bunny.

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Dale Sidebottom webinar platform hosts Fundamental Movement Skills of Striking & Fielding Games with Sean de Morton
Dale Sidebottom has been referred to as the energiser bunny of the presenting world. With his love of play, fun fitness, energy and passion for getting people moving, Dale has created of Jugar Life, Energetic Education as well as the top rating podcast Energetic Radio.
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