A Presidential election. Local races up and down the ballot. A pandemic, and a shift in audience viewing patterns like no time in recent history. Welcome to 2020, the political advertising edition.

With stakes at their highest and an unconventional path to election day, there’s a lot to parse. Voters and viewers are watching everywhere from TV to Twitter. There’s never been a more important time for a holistic advertising approach to get your candidate’s message out. Our roundtable of experts have both institutional knowledge and up-to-the-minute intelligence. Join us to learn about the must-haves of political advertising, how to streamline the process of getting your message across every screen within the all-important limited political window timeframe and more. This is a must-see for anyone involved (or interested) in political media buying.

You'll learn:
-Why the changing audience viewing landscape matters in political advertising
-How to determine the best media mix for a campaign
-Best practices for developing creatives that pop across platforms
-Ways to navigate media buying in an election cycle that's likely to extend beyond Nov. 3rd