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Leading Remote Teams through Change and Uncertainty

Thu, May 14, 2020 · 10:00 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

In this massive shift to shift to remote work, it’s only human to feel uncertain about the impact this change has on managing and keeping your teams engaged.

Now more than ever, you want employees to feel deeply connected—to you, to each other, to the team goals, and to the company’s culture and purpose.

The good news is that as work becomes more flexible, technology is evolving, and the workforce is adapting.

Even if you don’t feel prepared or find yourself in need of inspiration or guidance, we have tools to help you and your team navigate through these changing times.

On May 14th, you're invited to join Gabrielle and Julie from Officevibe where they'll discuss tactics and strategies to successfully master team dynamics while working remotely.

Also joining them is Hayden Smith, Head of R&D Strategic PMO at Siemens and Stephanie Leblanc, Director of Customer Success at Coveo.

In this virtual roundtable discussion, they'll answer questions regarding the current state of work, including:

- How to keep people engaged and performing?

- How to keep track of your team's pulse and morale?

- How to have meaningful and motivational conversations?

- How to continue fostering your team's collaboration, trust, and camaraderie while everyone is remote?

Join the conversation and leave feeling inspired and confident in your ability to master the balancing act that is delivering performance while leading your team with care and empathy.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Hung Pham
Founder of Culture Summit
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Customer Success Manager at Officevibe
With over 12 years experience in customer-facing positions in the food & beverage, online retail and even law-enforcement industries, Gabrielle Iadeluca has honed her knowledge and understanding of what represents a truly memorable human interaction. Her studies in psychology and management combined with her diverse work experience have fostered a passion for understanding human behaviour, particularly in the workplace.

Currently Senior Customer Success Manager at Officevibe, she’s been helping managers around the world become better leaders by guiding them through this simple yet powerful team development platform. Gabrielle has been developing and maintaining strong relationships, both with SMB and Enterprise customers, to understand and advocate for their needs, ensuring that they’re successful in their desire to become people-first organizations.
Webinar hosting presenter
Culture and Engagement Expert at Officevibe
Julie is the internal Subject Matter Expert & Researcher for Officevibe – a team development platform. She has worked in various companies in both Human Resources and Organizational Coaching roles and has spent the last 12 years helping organizations understand the value of having their employees at the heart of their strategy, bringing the best out of people and cultivating amazing work environments and cultures.

Truly passionate about humans at work, Julie knew early on in her career that she wanted to challenge the way things are done in organizations. Her background has given her a unique perspective on both the day-to-day challenges faced by high-performing teams, as well as the development of positive team & organizational cultures.

Julie lives in Montreal with her husband and three kids. She's passionate with everything that has to do with human behaviour, food and music.
Webinar hosting presenter
Director of Customer Success at Coveo
After graduating from the John Molson School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce, Stephanie kick-started her career in sales and digital marketing at Yellow Pages where she cultivated her knowledge of client acquisition, product management, and the post-sale customer journey.

She had the opportunity to build her first cross Canadian team of account managers responsible to secure and grow enterprise revenue. With the experience collected over 7 years, Stephanie took the leap into SaaS at SweetIQ where she was responsible for a growing team of CSMs and Support Specialists catering to globally recognized brands in the marketing tech space.

Her mandate at Officevibe included building a fully stacked team responsible for the human side of the customer experience. From first client interaction in sales, then onboarding, tech support, along with Customer Success Management lead to a unified customer experience. Creating and maintaining a value generating feedback loop to Product and Marketing teams helped expedite customer centricity within all teams at Officevibe.

She recently started her latest gig at Coveo; enabling personalized experiences at scale with AI-powered search technology. Stephanie’s passion leads her to prioritize ongoing team engagement initiatives, clear accountability within her teams, with an additional focus on tightly knit customer relationships while maintaining robust CX analytics.

Stephanie is also a mom of two, a sports enthusiast, and prioritizes travel destinations based on the culinary experience!
Webinar hosting presenter
Head, R&D Strategic PMO at Siemens
Hayden Smith is a recovering manager. His 14-year career with Siemens has culminated in a burning passion to unleash the intrinsic potential within every individual, team, and organization. Through his experience in people & project management, he has come full circle to realize his boyhood dream of making the world a better place as it’s all that really matters. He finds meaning in raising his children to do good in the world, and participates actively in building his community.
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