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Online Marketing Tactics for the Holidays, with DigitalGroundUp

About This Webinar

The Holidays are here! And there is still time for one quick marketing push. Reva from DigitalGroundUp is here to help you with this quick, free webinar. Get the help you need!

DigitalGroundUp is an Interactive Technology Platform That Helps Its Users Learn Digital Marketing Through Its Interactive Software.

Their mission is to empower companies to do their own digital marketing, without having to hire an agency, consultant or specialist, at a price they can afford.

  • Easy to implement digital marketing tips for the holidays
  • Tips and tricks to manage accounts while juggling vacation
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Reva Minkoff
DigitalGroundUp founder Reva Minkoff has extensive experience in digital marketing, dating back to her time as a student at Harvard. While working with startups at Lightbank, Reva realized that companies were continually making the same mistakes over and over again. After the 1001st time seeing the same common errors losing companies money, DigitalGroundUp was born.
Webinar hosting presenter ZS Mei
Founder and CEO
I am the Founder and CEO of BigMarker. With the help of my amazing development team, we built BigMarker from scratch. For the webpage you are on, we used Ruby on Rails. For our conference room, we used WebRTC and HTML5.

I am excited to share with you all that I have learned while building BigMarker.
Webinar hosting presenter Hannah Scherer
Lead Content Curator at BigMarker
I help spread the word about amazing webinars happening on BigMarker. In my free time I enjoy exploring the city and cooking in my sunny Chicago apartment.

Let's chat! hannah@bigmarker.com
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