About this Webinar
What keeps most enterprise leaders up at night? As recent polls, surveys and market research shows, nearly every enterprise in 2019 has a fear of “death by Amazon.” Managing and utilizing customer data for an improved customer experience has become a hallmark of what Amazon consistently does better that its competitors. Amazon disrupts every industry it enters, forcing industry leaders to reshape their data strategy and customer experience – or face extinction. And they are just one of the many companies that are ready and willing to take your market share.

This is why we not only have to think of data differently but also leverage it to transform enterprise data into high impact experiences. With customer experience becoming a defining factor of success, businesses need AI-powered customer experience. Scalable graph database solutions are what companies need to stay competitive.

In this talk, CTO Boost will share with you how CTOs from some of the world’s largest enterprises and scale-ups are transforming rapidly, remaining agile, and winning the hearts and minds of their customers.
  • What is CTO Boost?
  • What is "death by Amazon"
  • #1: It's all about the business, NOT the tech
  • #2: Data needs to be always on real-time, distributed, scalable and contextual
  • #3: Design flexible data models only
  • #4: OWN security compliance
  • #5: Deploy rapidly
  • #6: Enable self-provisioning
  • #7: Grow the business case
  • #8: Protect the enterprise
  • Q&A
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    Richard Lewis
    With over 20 years of experience in enterprise technology, Richard has had the opportunity to work with top Fortune 500 companies providing solutions around Low latency, High Availability, Fault Tolerant solution stacks as well as security solutions in identity and access management. His primary focus throughout his career has been focused on real-time architectures delivering solutions in Media, Finance, Telco and Retail markets.
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    CTO Boost
    CTO Boost equips bold leaders with the tools and talent to energize their organizations. Through innovation, transparency and compliance, we ensure an amplified ROI for your business – no matter how big or small. CTO Boost is powered by a full suite of technology consulting and management services, powerful proprietary software solutions, and unrivaled talent.
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    Gurminder Kandola
    Co-founder and CEO of CTOBoost.com, Gurminder has propelled numerous companies into profitability. As the past CTO of Diply, Audiobooks.com, FanXchange and Viafoura, he defines and achieve strategic goals, aligns technology with business objectives, enables new business models and introduces innovative technology programs to the market. His efforts have stimulated business growth, increased competitive advantage and improved return on technology investments for both his clients and the companies he advises. Gurminder aligns technology with business objectives to enable new business models and business lines. CTO with many years of expertise, Gurminder is an enthusiastic visionary driven by passion for tech and limitless opportunities it provides. Inspired by his professional experience as a CTO, Gurminder founded CTO Boost in 2016 with a core purpose of boosting companies in a technological sense and generating innovative data driven solutions.