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Optimization & Efficiency using IoT and Asset Data

Thu, Oct 20, 2022 · 1:00 PM · Stockholm
About This Webinar

Optimization & Efficiency using IoT and Asset Data
- Reduce energy consumption, streamline waste management and optimize manual processes with Crosser Intelligent Integrations

The myth about costly, ineffective and failing IoT projects is about to change. Using the right tools and setup, global industries now roll out massive amounts of IoT-related projects where machine and asset data creates value and lower costs.

Meet four of Crosser's customers, from four different industries, and learn how they utilize their machine and asset data to reduce costs, energy consumption and waste - by optimizing processes with streaming data and intelligent integrations.

In this webinar you will learn how to radically simplify process optimizations and data utilization for any IoT project. Focusing on how to monitor, analyze and predict asset data like energy consumption - and most importantly - how to take action on your insights for enhanced cost reductions.

Welcome to Crosser Webcast - Where asset rich industries meets Intelligent Integrations

  • Case Study 1 - Machine Learning for chemical waste reduction
  • Case Study 2 - Enterprise Integration made simple
  • Case Study 3 - Automated Files handling for Enterprises
  • Case Study 4 - Edge Analytics for remote assets
  • Bonus Case - Future Proof Infrastructure for Energy Management and Optimization
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Elena F
Marketing Manager
Webinar hosting presenter David N
Senior Solution Engineer
David is a Senior Solution Engineer at Crosser. He has over 10 years experience working with software integration and digitization projects for critical infrastructure.
His engineering background gives him the understanding and focus needed to solve customer use cases in the most efficient and successful way.
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