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Hyperautomation for the Smart Factory

Thu, Mar 17, 2022 · 10:00 AM · Stockholm
About This Webinar

Hyperautomation for the Smart Factory
- How to get valuable insights from your Machine Data

Industrial companies and asset rich organizations have an ultra-high complex and diverse software landscape. Their route to become a true data-driven digital enterprise is harder than for any other organization. The market leaders of tomorrow will be the companies that can transition into becoming a Digital Enterprise. But what does that mean?

Listen to this session Goran Appelquist (Ph.D), industry expert and CTO at Crosser, to get a better understanding of how Hyperautomation can help you achieve a data driven competitive advantage by automating as many processes as possible. From the shop floor to the top floor.

  • What is Hyperautomation
  • Intelligent Process Automation for the Smart Factory
  • Gain a Data Driven competitive advantage with your Machine Data
  • 2 Real Life use case examples from Crosser Customers
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Webinar hosting presenter Göran Appelquist (
My career started in the academic world where I got a PhD in physics by researching large scale data acquisition systems for physics experiments, such as the LHC at CERN. After leaving academia I have been working in several tech startups in different management positions over the last 20 years. In most of these positions I have stood with one foot in the R&D team and another in the product/business teams. My passion is learning new technologies, use it to develop innovative products and explain the solutions to end users, technical or non-technical.
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