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How to Implement and Scale Python projects for Industrial IoT (NA)

About This Webinar

Learn how to prepare data, simplify deployment and scale your Machine Learning projects.

Python is an immensely popular programming language for data scientists and machine learning developers all over the world. Due to the less complex coding syntax, it lowers the entry for anyone that wants to apply logic to a data stream.

In this webinar, Crosser’s CTO Dr. Göran Appelquist will guide you through how to keep the momentum with your python projects. And radically simplify data preparation, test, deployment and scaling of your advanced analytics project using the Crosser low code solution.

Welcome to Crosser Webcast - Where Intelligent Integrations meet Enterprise Data.

  • Introduction to Crosser as a runtime and infrastructure for your ML projects
  • Resource handling and prebuilt code modules for distributed python projects
  • Data transformation and test of ML data flows
  • Deployment, updates and scaling of Python use cases for Industrial IoT
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