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What Every Internal Auditor Needs to Know About IT Audit

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 · 9:00 a.m. · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Access the recording of this webinar at: https://ondemand.criskacademy.com/p/what-every-auditor-needs-to-know-about-it-audit

Basic information about information technology (IT) is becoming a necessary part of internal audit, even if you aren't an IT auditor. Every audit project has an IT component and without understanding the basics, you risk being obsolete in a few years.

Most auditors don’t have a degree in IT, so here's your opportunity to get a crash course on some basics of IT audit, every internal auditor needs to know.

This discussion with Jason Mefford and Robert Berry will focus on the areas of infrastructure, applications, third-party systems and share some case studies and stories so you better understand IT basics.

Robert Berry believes our ultimate goal in business is to improve people, processes and profits. Every organization exists to make some sort of profit. Behind every profit is a series of business processes that must be in sink, but behind every process is a person. People are the heartbeat of every organization. People need to be developed and supported.

He's spent the better part of his career trying to bring out the best in people. As a result, you will find that his training courses are practical and actionable. The compelling content typically contains good visuals to stimulate recall along with clear and concise language.

He has worked as an auditor and an accountant in small and multi billion dollar organizations. You will find the standard alphabet soup behind his name (CPA, CIA, etc), but improving people, processes and profits is what matters most.

Learn more at: https://thatauditguy.com/

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