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The Power of Knowing: Using your students' activity data to drive your PE programme

Tue, Apr 27, 2021 · 6:30 PM · AEST
About This Webinar

Linking purpose, intentions and outcomes to make better decisions
The importance of capturing better student voice
What data does miMove collect and how is it being used - insight from practitioner co-presenter
Building connectivity using digital
Case study of the impact miMove is having

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Greg is the Co-Founder and CEO of miMove app, the world’s first bespoke app that allows schools support their students in making physical activity a normal and regular part of their lives.

Previously he founded and was the Director of the Centre for Physical Education, Sport and Activity at Kingston University (CPESA) after a long teaching career that afforded him the opportunity to work with all ages from pre-school through to post-grad.

He is a highly experienced physical educator and critical thinker who has been lucky enough to work with pre-schoolers through to post-grads. He led PE departments in 3 London Schools, before moving into HE.

His work disrupts exclusive practices in PE /Sport and re-imagines them by applying the best of what we know to create more equitable and fulfilling experiences that will allow our profession to deliver more effectively on our universal goal; more young people finding a place for physical activity in their lives. He draws inspiration from a range of disciplines from psychology, critical theory, pedagogy and economics.

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