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Session 1: See Your Value Stream Using the Value Stream Designer

About This Webinar

Companies across the globe are attempting to implement value stream management (VSM), but do they understand that it is not just another practice like DevOps and Agile? Do companies that offer VSM Solutions elaborate that it is not just a feature within a platform? What does it really mean to see, measure, and automate your software delivery value stream? When you have a certain business objective in mind and you are swarmed with data that has come out of over tooling or even implementing automation and CI/CD?

In this exclusive three-part webinar series on setting the foundation and pillars of value stream management, we will show you how you can practically execute on your value stream management initiative in software development. The foundation of any VSM implementation is your people, processes, and tools. Connecting them meaningfully is imperative. We will walk you through how organizations can use ConnectALL to drive their agile transformations and are meet their quantitative and qualitative goals.

In Part 1, you will learn how to see your value stream during an example value stream assessment. Outline the steps in the delivery process, visualize the order / direction of your flow, and build an end-to-end value stream map within ConnectALL's Value Stream Designer.

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