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Rachel Biar
Assistant State Treasurer, Vice Chair
Rachel Biar joined the Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office in January 2005 and serves as the Assistant State Treasurer for the Nebraska College Savings Program and the ABLE Savings Program. Prior to her current position, she worked in the Director’s Office of the Nebraska Health and Human Services System and as a speechwriter in the Mayor’s Office of the City of Lincoln, Nebraska.

As Assistant State Treasurer, Rachel is responsible for the administration, marketing and oversight of the state’s NEST 529 College Savings Plans. Her knowledge and experience with 529 plans provide Nebraskans with a unique perspective on topics such as; determining the best college savings vehicle for parents and grandparents, marketing 529 plans, federal and state tax benefits, gift-tax benefits, estate planning advantages, and strategies of 529 plans. Her expertise in college savings plans is a benefit to Nebraska residents who are ready to begin saving for their loved one’s higher education. Rachel serves as Vice Chair of the College Savings Plans Network Executive Board, Chair of the Member Engagement Committee, and is on the College Savings Foundation Membership Committee.

Rachel is also responsible for the Nebraska Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Program. Nebraska’s Enable Savings Plan allows people with disabilities to create tax-advantaged savings accounts. Rachel works closely with Program Manager First National Bank of Omaha to administer the savings program to address the unique needs of account owners, keeping in mind convenience, ease of use, and cost. Rachel was instrumental in developing the Enable Savings Plan Alabama through a partnership agreement with the Alabama State Treasurer’s Office and Nebraska State Treasurer’s Office.

Rachel has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science and Business Administration from Nebraska Wesleyan University. She serves as a mentor to the Nebraska Wesleyan University Advancement and Alumni Departments and as a Career Center Student Advisor. Rachel enjoys spending time with family, traveling the country in her classic Mustang, reading and gardening.