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Leveraging The Collaborative Approach

May 14, 2020 at 01:00:00 PM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

This presentation speaks to the journey and benefits of adopting the latest trends in the collaborative approach to Design and Construction. It is presented by an industry pioneer and leader in this new methodology in Canada.You will hear how digital technologies, such as Revit, Revizto, TimeLiner and Navisworks to name just a few, supports and enhances the collaborative approach and is paramount to delivering value to the end users of any project.While bringing people together in a BigRoom is a good start, developing a high performing team starts with creating the right team culture - a shared team ideology binds people together and defines how healthy value-based interactions occur. To most effectively use the Tools and Digital Technologies, the team is best served through aligning behaviors that drive towards a collective and measurable goals.

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Webinar Price: C$5.00
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Webinar hosting presenter
Director, Lean & IPD, Graham Construction
With more than 30 years of construction industry experience, Art Winslow was selected to lead Graham Construction's Lean journey. Graham Construction, who has offices across North America, embarked on a company-wide transformation into creating a culture of continuous improvement throughout all its offices. Art is proud to have been the Project Director for Canada's first and largest lean Integrated Project Delivery(IPD) project, the Moose Jaw Hospital and has, since applied the collaborative approach on many projects across Canada.

In his 10-year Lean journey, Art's name has become synonymous with the collaborative approach on Project delivery across Canada. As a result, he has consulted with a variety of Canadian, Provincial and Municipal Governments, Infrastructure, NGOs as well as Private firms. As a certified lean construction instructor, he teaches lean across Canada and has presented at industry-related conferences across North America.

Art sits on several boards including the Lean Construction Institute (Canada), the CCDC task force that created the new CCDC 30 (Canada's IPD Agreement) and earlier this year, was the recipient of the General Contractor of the Year for his work in improving the project & construction is delivered.

As one of Canada's few certified Lean construction instructors, Art's schedule is full these days and while he is very busy, he will always make time to "pay it forward", to those who are interested in understanding Collaborative, Lean approach to Design and Construction.