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About This Webinar

Join us for our weekly Info Session where will deep dive into an alternative operating model for freelancers, consultants, and agencies that creates an unmatched competitive advantage.

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Who can attend? Everyone
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Managing Director
I am on a mission to improve the outdated marketing services model through a shared economy Clients & Jobs, Niche Expert Talent, and Business Resources.

Unlike most Agencies, Freelancers and Consultants Communo members choose an alternative operating model that is proven to lower fixed costs, increase revenue, enable rapid scalability and create an powerful competitive positioning.

If you're run an Agile Agency, Consultancy or Freelance Operation with a Niche Marketing Service focus then let's chat — you may be a fit for Communo
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Co-Founder & COO
I graduated with a Master’s degree in marketing communications from Northwestern University and worked client-side at John Deere and The Home Depot prior to selling my soul to join an ad agency (Rapp) in Dallas TX. In 2010 I moved to Calgary to run Watermark Advertising Design. Then, in September 2012 I resigned to join a Cult.
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Co-Founder & CEO
Ryan is the founder of Cult, Canada's first true engagement agency, and The Gathering, one of North America's best-loved marketing conferences. He helped create Communo to be an incomparable brain trust of talent for brands—a human resources platform for marketing professionals, and an unprecedented business development engine for both.
"There's too much whining coming from the North American advertising community", says Ryan. 'We're becoming extinct... nobody loves us... clients don't trust us any more.' No shit, Sherlock. We decided to stop whining and do something about it. We call it Communo. It blows up a status quo that blows for everyone."
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Communo creates connection through compatibility for marketing professionals on a community platform. We are focused on helping freelancers master the sharing economy and achieve their professional dreams.