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Urban Mobility Company
  • Wednesday, July 1, 2020 · 5:00 PM CEST
    In Europe, the race to become The Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Platform is heating up. We are seeing big tech companies, public transport companies, OEMs and startups furiously building MaaS offers in the hope of aggregating all the public and pr...
  • Wednesday, June 24, 2020 · 6:00 PM CEST
    After two years of deliberation and negotiation, the French mobility orientation law (la loi d’orientation des mobilités or ‘LOM’) was definitively adopted on 24 December, 2019. This large text, whose primary objective is to improve travel through...
  • Thursday, June 18, 2020 · 5:00 PM CEST
    The mobility industry contains many male dominated fields, including transport, automotive, tech and engineering. While women make up half of end users, they are still underrepresented in the roles shaping products and services, and especially in ...
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