About this Webinar
Have you ever wondered how to leverage collaboration opportunities on Instagram with influencers or big brands to reach new audiences that can grow your Instagram followers?

Join Benjamin Kepner, CEO of Global Social Media Marketing, as he walks you everything you need to know about Instagram Collabs.

Benjamin will provide a FREE Instagram Collaboration for all attendees at the end of the presentation with his company so you have your next collaboration opportunity to reach his 11K audience on Instagram!
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    Anna from Combin Team
    Webinar Host | Podcast Host | Content Creator | SMM Lover
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    Benjamin Kepner
    Benjamin Kepner, CEO of Global Social Media Marketing, has a decade of experience growing millions in global sales with technology, partnership marketing, YouTube, and Spanish for 80 brands and 80 events in 30 industries. As a multilingual marketer, he is focused on collaborating with globally-minded entrepreneurs and innovative schools to achieve social media marketing, education technology training, and international business expansion goals. He was accepted as one of 5,000 Google for Education Certified Trainers worldwide, The Communications Chair for Mile High Young Professional, Event Manager for Network After Work in Denver, and has completed 20 Instagram Collabs in 2020. Subscribe to his GSMM YouTube Channel here that has 200 social media marketing YouTube training videos on how to grow your business with social media.