About This Webinar
The growth trajectory gained by deposit-taking Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) reflects appealing financial growth parameters. With total assets increasing to Ksh 442.27 billion in 2017, it reflected a growth rate of 12.4 per cent from the previous year. The total loans shot to Ksh 331.2 billion reflecting a hike of 11.29 per cent from 2016; while deposits grew to Ksh 305.3 billion reflecting a growth rate of 12percent from the previous year. The SACCOTech Forum purposes to explore technology use-cases and discuss ways in which deposit-taking SACCOs can effectively identify, adopt and accelerate the deployment of disruptive technologies ranging from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Analytics, Open Banking, Blockchain and Cloud Computing among others creating efficiencies in this sector of the economy.

The Forum brings together stakeholders from the SACCOs, policy-makers in the financial services sector, and the technology industry players to explore how technology can strengthen and catalyse the growth of the deposit-taking SACCOs in the quest of harnessing socio-economic. This is a must-attend event for all stakeholders in SACCOs.

To view the agenda and set one on one meetings with Speakers, Partners and fellow attendees use the following links:

1. saccotechforum.dealroomevents.com for new registrants

2. console.dealroomevents.com for attendees registered before 6th July 2020
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    Mr. Harry Hare
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