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Introducing ClinEco: The First B2B Marketplace Connecting Clinical Trial Professionals, CROs, Providers, and Sites

About This Webinar

Sponsored by: ClinEco, Inc.
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Clinical trial sponsors, CROs, technology and service providers, and sites share common goals – yet industry confusion and a lack of shared information (even between study teams at the same company) make it challenging to collaborate.

ClinEco was created to change that.

Designed by the producers of the SCOPE Summit and guided by industry experts …

ClinEco is the first-of-its-kind B2B marketplace for clinical trial operators. Designed by the producers of the SCOPE Summit and guided by industry experts, ClinEco accelerates high-value relationships with greater visibility and transparency for targeted matchmaking.

By providing continuous digital connectivity, ClinEco is designed to:

• Find the right fit for each trial by delivering clarity for decentralized, hybrid, and conventional solutions
• Reduce burden and timelines in partnership selection by engaging in an ecosystem of qualified companies
• Search, filter, and compare potential collaborations by therapeutic area, geography, or service category
• Share experiences internally and easily exchange messages, request referrals, and more

Join industry icons Ken Getz, Gregg Jewett, Laura Whitmore, Kris Sarajian, and Micah Lieberman for an interactive preview of this game-changing platform and learn how you can start collaborating easier with ClinEco.

Learning Objectives:
What ClinEco is, and who developed it
How Sponsors can search potential service providers and CRO partners
How Providers can “break through the noise" and differentiate themselves in a crowded, confused marketplace
How it accelerates and improves matchmaking for more productive collaborations

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