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Cytometry meets biosensing – real-time binding kinetics measurements on living cells

About This Webinar

Sponsored by Dynamic Biosensors GmbH

The kinetic analysis of molecules binding to targets on living cells has remained an unresolved challenge since real-time interaction analysis came of age 30 years ago. In this webinar, we will open a new chapter in antibody discovery and the development of cell and gene therapies by introducing dynamicBIOSENSORS new heliXcyto instruments for Real-Time Interaction Cytometry (RT-IC).

Combining biophysical measurement principles with cytometry, the heliXcyto offers an automated analysis of association kinetics, dissociation kinetics, affinities and avidities on cells. Thus, it can be used to characterize interactions involving antibodies, receptors, membrane targets and more where they matter: in their native environment.

Join the webinar to learn more about:
• how Real-Time Interaction Cytometry (RT-IC) works on the new heliXcyto instruments
• how single cells of any type can be captured and analyzed automatically in tailor-made cages on heliXcyto chips
• the straightforward analysis of on-rates, off-rates and binding half-lives, and Kd-values with RT-IC
• applications in the development of antibodies, CAR-T, and other cell therapies or tackling difficult targets like GPCRs

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Team Lead R&D Cells and Antibodies, Dynamic Biosensors GmbH
• Studied Molecular Biology in Vienna, Austria, and finished her PhD 2016 at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, Germany, on the topic of autophagy.
• Joined Dynamic Biosensors in 2017, where she initially focused on biophysical characterization of molecules and the development of complex biosensor-based enzymatic assays.
• Took over the team lead at Dynamic Biosensors in 2019 for the development of a new biosensor-based technology, focused on enabling the real-time measurement of kinetic rates on cells.
Webinar hosting presenter
Team Lead Product Development and Management, Dynamic Biosensors GmbH
Team Lead Product Development and Management, Dynamic Biosensors GmbH