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Continuing the Conversation from SCOPE’s Keynote: Use Cases of Generative AI in Clinical Trials -- Beyond Can We...Where and When Should We?

About This Webinar

Sponsored ClinEco and SCOPE Summit

This webinar is ‘Part 2’ in an ongoing conversation that took place at last year’s SCOPE (Feb 2023) and this year’s keynote panel at SCOPE (Feb 2024). We understand that a single panel is not enough to tackle this and we also realize that the technology is moving very fast. Thus, we all agreed to keep everyone engaged. Where are we now as an industry with integrating and utilizing AI in clinical research? What is next is an open question and the possibilities are many and the hype is loud, but the more important question to ask is “why should we?” in each and every case. AI is a tool, but not always the right one or the most efficient one. Dive in with our expert panel.

Where are you in the journey of bringing Generative AI into CT?
Should teams focus on technology and use cases like Diversity in CT inclusion and other specific applications? Why?
• How was value measured? What risks exist? Where do we choose not to use AI in clin ops and why?


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