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Automated flow cytometry staining and its broad applicability to immunological assay formats and platforms

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With the advent of immunotherapeutics and mRNA-based therapeutics, the usage of flow cytometry has increased in the field of immunology, immuno-oncology, virology, gene therapy and cell therapy. Advances in technology have broadened the flow cytometry platform to spectral flow cytometry and imaging flow cytometry. Despite increase in applications and advances on the instrument front, the cell staining protocol is same and common for all.

High throughput screening (HTS) of small/large molecule using flow-based assay involves heavy workflow because of the labor-intensive staining protocol with multiple centrifugations and frequent pipetting. Moreover, the automation of cell staining has always been a challenge due to limitations in the technology at instrument level. The idea of Staining Triad was conceptualized to address outstanding challenges and streamline the workflow. The fully developed and tested system provides HTS at reduced cost, space, biowaste and enables continuous workflow to cytometer. Although system was designed for flow cytometry platform, it can be easily implemented towards automation of various ligand binding assays and cell-based assays and can harvest the same benefits.

Learning Objectives:
- Learn how to automate cell staining protocol for flow cytometry using Staining Triad System
- Perform high throughput screening at reduced cost/space/variability and biowaste
- Understanding the broad applicability of Staining Triad system across various ligand binding assays and cell-based assays

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Santosh is currently working as a Senior Scientist in Biomedicine Design at Pfizer, Andover, MA. He did a Masters in Bioprocess Technology from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India and completed his PhD in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering from Tulane University, New Orleans. His doctoral work in nano drug delivery and cancer biology has been published in high impact journals and has received 958 citations as of today.