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Aura+: High Throughput, Low volume Product Stability and Purity Analysis for AAV and Lentiviral Gene Therapies

About This Webinar

Aura+ is the latest instrument designed specifically to detect, count, and characterize subvisible aggregates and extrinsic materials for product quality measurements in both AAV and lentiviral gene therapy applications. Aura+ outputs images, count, size, particle identification and morphological information with 100% sampling efficiency requiring as little as five microliters of sample volume through Backgrounded Membrane Imaging and Fluorescence Membrane Microscopy (FMM). FMM identifies aggregates as cellular, protein, or extrinsic so you can quickly know what is in your sample. Specifically, Aura+ has the capability to detect SYBR® Gold stain, which is used to detect the presence of DNA in AAV or lentiviral aggregation to understand the role of leaky capsids in subvisible particle formation often leading to reduced AAV transduction efficiency and adverse patient responses. Aura+ can also use protein- or lipid-specific fluorescent stains to provide further insight into particle characterization.

Learning Objectives:
How Aura can characterize gene therapy formulation samples
Characteristics of Aura: High throughput, low volume, image analysis with fluorescent particle ID

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CSO and Co-Founder of Halo Labs
Bernardo Cordovez, PhD, leads application and business development, and is one of the Halo Labs’ founders. He was previously CEO and CTO and played a pivotal role in bringing over $6M in federal grant funding. Prior to starting Halo Labs, Bernardo was a Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell University, where he also obtained his MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering. His wide range of technical experience includes particle analysis, detection and manipulation, drug delivery devices, microfluidics, nanophotonics and bioenergy production. In 2012, Bernardo was named one of Philadelphia’s top 30 under 30 entrepreneurs. The same year Halo Labs was named Philadelphia Life Science Startup of the year by the Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies.
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