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Advances in managing humidity control in dry rooms

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As lithium-ion battery production sites and capacities increase, more and more gigafactories are seeing the importance of cost-effective and energy-efficient humidity control. Maintaining battery production dry rooms at ultra-low humidity levels involves a significant amount of energy. Managing the costs for running a dry room starts with an efficient, future-proof and standardized design for your low dew point dehumidification system.

Learn why it’s important to achieve ultra-low dew point levels, how to optimize energy usage, and why value engineering and project support are so critical to sustainable humidity control in dry rooms.

We also know that battery gigafactories can’t afford unplanned downtime, and often lack on-site service staff. See examples of our proactive on-site service approach – with flexible, custom options that fit every plant.

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BS Chemical Engineering, Global Product Manager for Battery, AirTech Division, Munters Corporation
Cheryl Thibault has been with Munters Corporation 27 years working in applications engineering, sales and product management. She heads Munters’ global team of experts specializing in humidity control for battery dry rooms. She concentrates on customer needs, market intelligence, and innovative, energy-efficient product developments for the current and future of the battery market.
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Product Manager Americas - Services at Munters Greater Boston
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