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Adding Quality Control and Validation to Drug Discovery with AI

About This Webinar

Two Stories:
Linking biowaivers to clinical endpoints

The proliferation of powerful AI models, including GPTs, has revolutionized how the life sciences industry consumes information and uses it for accelerating and validating research. For example, by leveraging GPTs researchers can complete what would normally be weeks long literature review and data extraction tasks in a matter of minutes or hours. In addition, these models also enhance complex R&D tasks by harnessing massive amounts of information and delivering it in easy to consume formats.

One area where AI can provide immense value in providing the data and insights needed to drive drug development tasks – such as validating the toxicity of molecules or building and annotating mechanistic models that demonstrate the complex interactions of drugs within the human body. For example, significant amounts of data need to be collected to defend a model, but what if GPTs can deliver this data for you to enable interactive models that can be reviewed and validated by colleagues and regulators?

In this webinar, experts from Certara will share novel approaches for leveraging AI to enhance data accessibility and analysis needed for drug development. They’ll provide an educational overview on recent innovations in AI and the critical considerations teams need to take to successfully deploy AI and GPT models within the life sciences R&D pipeline. In addition, attendees will also receive a demonstration of Certara’s application of GPTs for modeling purposes.

Learning Objectives:
• Key considerations for applying private AI models within life science
• Enabling unstructured data access for informing mechanistic models
• Simplified approaches for research data collection
• Visualizations for enabling QC in newly designed models

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Director, Global Portfolio Leader, Certara
Nick Brown is Director, Global Portfolio Leader for Certara.AI; the life sciences-specialized GPT platform. Nick has over 10 years of experience driving AI adoption and customer success across life sciences, federal government and other industries. Prior to Certara, Nick lead marketing at Vyasa (now Certara.AI) assisting in the launch and go-to-market strategy for the Layar data platform. He is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire and resides in Andover, MA.
Webinar hosting presenter
Senior Vice President, Quantitative Systems Pharmacology, Certara
Professor Piet van der Graaf, PharmD, PhD, FBPhS, Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Senior Vice President and Head of QSP at Certara and Professor of Systems Pharmacology at Leiden University. He was co-founder of XenologiQ Limited, which was acquired by Certara in 2015. Before joining Certara, Piet was the CSO of the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research and held various research leadership positions at Pfizer across discovery and clinical development.
Webinar hosting presenter
Chief Scientific Officer & VP, Research & Development, Certara
Professor Amin Rostami-Hodjegan, PharmD, PhD, FCP, FAAPS, FJSSX, FBPhS, is the Senior Vice President of Research & Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Certara. Previously, he was co-founder of Simcyp Limited, a University of Sheffield spin-off which was acquired by Certara. Amin is also a Professor of Systems Pharmacology and the Director of the Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetic Research at the University of Manchester.
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