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Content Management 101

Wed, Nov 27, 2019 · 9:30 AM · Pacific Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

You can't do SEO unless you DO Content Management

This is installment #8 in our FREE Quickee Business Chats series, brought to you by Geoff (and Ana) Brandt - Wednesday November 20th at 10:15AM (Pacific).

Content Management 101 for Small Businesses

With Google, you are either moving up or moving down. You don't stay still. And the only way to assure of moving up is to keep your site ACTIVE. And that mean content management all the time!

What You'll Learn

In Chat #8, we'll go over what Content Management is, how to do it, what tools to use and even some CHEATS to make it happen if you HATE WRITING.

The Free Quickee Business Chat Series

The Quickee Business Chat series is geared towards busy professionals. All new content is presented in 30 minutes, but Geoff will stick around after that to answer all questions. So put it on your calendar and grab a quick cup of coffee (or lunch or midnight snack depending on where you are in the world!) and listen in.

We always announce various specials and giveaways at the end of each chat. Some will be good for a few days. But we will always have at least one that is ONLY available during the live chat. We do this as a thank you to those folks who make the extra effort to take time out of their busy day to join us.

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Geoff’s professional career has taken him all over the world in the past 25 years where he’s spent considerable time fostering success for both startups (including his own) as well as for Fortune 500 companies like Siemens, Coke, Metlife, Shell Oil and others through his expertise in marketing, operations, technology and service delivery. When he’s not in the boardroom, you can find Geoff on the golf course or helping raise his 3 teenagers in Southern California.
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