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Saturday, Apr 27, 9:00 AM BST · 1 hour

How Gymnastics Taught Me Self Discipline & Perseverance!

April 27, 2019 at 09:00:00 AM · London
About This Webinar

The session will involve me talking about how attending gymnastics three times a week, including taking part in national competitions, helped me develop a strong sense of self. Informed my fear of failure and the unknown - and encouraged me to keep going when training became tough. An example- I spent one Summer training myself to complete a back flip in a sandpit (belonging to the private school, behind my garden). Needless to say, I had mastered the back flip, by the end of that Summer. Practise, practise, practise - really did make perfect! Involvement with sports and gymnastics really has benefitted my classroom practice - I will discuss the many reasons why!

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Niomi has been in the classroom for seven years and within this time has developed a passion for effective pedagogy. She carries out Science workshops for NQTs, at the local training school, in her role as an SLE. She has also completed her middle leadership (NPQML) and gained PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark) for her previous school. In her spare time she enjoys writing blogs about areas in education she feels passionate about. Niomi has recently won an award for her wellbeing blog writing - with Nexus Education. Niomi has taken part (as a workshop leader) in events such as PrimaryRocks (2016) and Practical Pedagogies, in Toulouse (2017). Niomi is part of the TLT (Teaching and Learning team) within her academy and has been involved in the publication of Precision Pedagogy - A guide to teaching pedagogy for all four of the academy schools Niomi is part of. Niomi’s has a dedication to showing how Emotional Intelligence can be used effectively within the Education world.
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