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About This Webinar

It’s time for all you Houdini artists looking to level up by diving into the deep end of the VFX pool! If you're scouting cutting-edge techniques in fluid dynamics using Houdini to make your feature and TV work more epic and monumental, look no further. Join Framestore Lead FX TD Edward Ferrysienanda and ILP Lighting Supervisor Phillip Engström in this upcoming webinar event to get a glimpse into Houdini Production Studio: Fluid VFX

What you will learn: During the webinar, Edward and Philip will talk about how the main set-piece of the project, "The Flood", came together. We will learn about their creative development process, challenges, tips & tricks, and what it takes to build and manage large-scale water simulations in a professional production setting.

That's not all! Find out more about these exciting subjects that will be covered in the upcoming class such as:

- Fundamentals in fluid FX theories
- Building custom water HDAs
- A wide range of water-based fx exercises such as waterfalls, wave crash, fountains, blood, and much more
- Sculpting your simulations with custom fields
- Deep-dive into meshing and post-processing
- Production tips and tricks for high-end visual effects

What are you waiting for? Get an insider look into all things water with Edward Ferrysienanda and Philip Engström! We look forward to seeing you make a splash at this upcoming webinar event.

Language: English
Who can attend? Anyone with the event link can attend
Dial-in available? (listen only): No
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