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Building an Online Network in NYC and Beyond

About This Webinar

Outdoorfest in NY is doing something amazing: attracting people who like to be outdoors in the city and its environs, and reaching them online. How do you build a network like that? What are the best ways to use digital marketing to reach people who might not be looking at their digital devices all the time?

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter Lee Schneider
Lee Schneider is the founder and communications director at Red Cup Agency. Red Cup builds networks for startups, working in traditional PR, social channels and advertising. He is the author of the Amazon bestselling book "Be More Popular: Culture Building for Startups," ranked at #1 in the Amazon Startup category, and also "Chronicle of a Startup Town: Los Angeles." His background includes 20 years of media production for Dateline NBC, Good Morning America, A&E, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, Bravo and Food Network. He is the co-founder of three children and is married to a goddess.
Webinar hosting presenter Natalie  Mik
Natalie Mik was born and raised in Duesseldorf (Germany), a city known for contemporary fine art. She moved to Los Angeles to live in the creative hub of contemporary culture where people from all over the world gather to create a more viable global community.

Natalie is interested in working at the intersection of art and technology. As an independent curator and writer for contemporary art and visual culture, she feels passionate about developing art projects with social commentary to inspire people, bridge cultures and build communities. Natalie is also an account manager at Red Cup Agency. Red Cup is a communications and PR agency that helps startups and entrepreneurs build a community around their businesses.
Webinar hosting presenter Sarah Knapp
Presenter and Founder of Outdoorfest
Sarah L. Knapp, the Brooklyn-based entrepreneur and founder of OutdoorFest – a ten-day outdoor adventure festival in New York City, and Mappy Hour – a global community of outdoor enthusiasts in urban centers. She believes that the best way to explore a city is by bike and the best place to get know someone is in the outside. 
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