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Most popular Camino Trails for 2017

February 16, 2017 at 04:30:00 PM · Dublin
About This Webinar

On Feb 16th join Travel Expert Juanma for a discussion of the Most Popular Camino Trails.

Juanma hails from Vigo, one of the stunning coastal towns on the Portuguese Coastal Way. He is also one of our Camino travel specialists and has experience walking many of the routes, including the beautiful Via Francigena, aka, Camino to Rome.

In this webinar Juanma will discuss:
The Most popular Camino trails
Practical walking advice
Packing tips
Route accessibility
Overcoming language barriers
How to book
When to book

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Webinar hosting presenter Juanma Pintado
Travel Specialist
Juanma grew up in the outskirts of Vigo, where he studied International Business, and moved to Ireland just 2 days after his graduation. A road cycling and hiking enthusiast, he has a passion for traveling and discovering new places around the world or around the corner. His love of history makes him owner of a dangerously vast array of “did-you-know” facts.
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