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Camino de Santiago: All you need to know

December 8, 2016 at 11:30:00 AM · Dublin 444 views
By Camino de Santiago (4.6 stars · 12 reviews )
About This Webinar

The Camino de Santiago is a trip of a lifetime and bucket list holiday. Join the CaminoWays.com team for our last online Camino talk of the year and get ready for your 2017 adventure!

We will introduce you to the history of this unique network of walking trails across Europe, the different routes, what makes them special, which one is the best one for you... and we'll also share useful travel tips and advice, as well as answering all your questions.

Make 2017 the year you 'do the Camino'!

For more information, http://caminoways.com/

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Free information talks about the Camino de Santiago trail: its history, routes and practical advice. Hosted by the CaminoWays.com travel team, the Camino specialists.
What options are there for starting points?
Is it possible to have free days between walking?
Is it possible to do some parts without support - i.e. Own agenda and accommodation and other times with support?
Hi Jill, thank you for your questions. We have done a little research on the main starting points. Here are a few to have a read through: http://caminoways.com/top-10-camino-de-santiago-starting-points

Yes, it is possible to have free days during your walk and to spend an extra night in some of the bigger towns and cities.

Yes, it is possible to do parts of your journey without support if you wish to organise your own accommodation, luggage etc. Our travel department will be able to help you with any of the Camino itineraries and guide you through the various ways to do the Camino de Santiago. You can reach out to them on info@caminoways.com

We will also have questions and answers at the end of the webinar later today.

Kind regards,

Lisa from the CaminoWays.com team!
Rose Marie Manitowabi
I thought my webinar was 4:30,, can you get me in on the next webinar for

*Rose Marie Nikki Manitowabi*
*89 Peltiers Trail*

*Telephone 705 859 2234*
*Work 705 859 3018*
Hi Rose, the next webinar is on in January and we will put the registration live on this page: http://caminoways.com/camino-talks

For now, we have a recording of yesterdays webinar so please feel free to watch and if you have any questions you can get in touch with the travel team at info@caminoways.com

Here is the link to the recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5q-_V-1Kbg

Kind regards,

Nancy Casey
I was wanting to do a biking trip and wondered which route would be the best for this. Are bikers frowned upon on the trail? What would be a good timeframe to allot, or how much of the trail could be done in 4-5 days on a bike.

Also what time of year is the best, I would prefer it to be warm.


Hi Nancy, thank you for your question. A lot of people opt to cycle the route and you can cover more of the trail in less time. Here is a link to the most popular way to cycle if it is your first time doing the Camino - http://caminoways.com/ways/french-way-camino-frances/french-way-section-2-cycling To get your pilgrim certificate at the end of the journey you must cycle over 200 kms. If you have some cycling experience than you should be able to achieve this in under 1 week. Please feel free to get in contact with the team to get more information and advice. You will get through to our travel department at info@caminoways.com Good luck with your travel planning. Kindest regards, Lisa from the marketing team at CaminoWays.com
Nancy Casey
I getting closer to booking our trip for this upcoming early Fall, I am waiting to get final dates from my husband. Where to you suggest flying in to from the USA, and also flying out of. We would get better fares to the larger cities, but then how would we get to Leon, and also back to the airport from Santiago. Just want to have all aspects of the trip thought out before starting to book. We also will possibly be doing some other sightseeing of Spain while we are there and need to determine if we should do that first or after our pilgrimage. Again, I would need to plan accordingly for this and the transportation that would take.

Thanks so much.

Dear Nancy,

Thanks for getting in touch. If you are starting your trip in Leon, the best option is to fly to Madrid, for all options on flight connections we recommend checking on www.skyscanner.com. From Madrid airport there are direct buses to Leon three times a day, each taking approx. 5 hours. Please see www.movelia.es. You also have the option to go to Madrid centre, where there are more regular bus and train connections to Leon.
We typically recommend doing the Camino at the beginning of your trip and have some time to sightsee and relax afterwards, depending if the logistics can accommodate doing so.

We hope this is helpful, let us know if we can be of any further assistance.
Felipe da Rocha
What is the best airport coming from London to start the walk at Sarria please?

Felipe da Rocha
Hi Felipe,

The best airport in Santiago de Compostela. Once you reach Santiago airport you can get a transfer to Sarria which is 111kms away.

Kindest regards,

Lisa from CaminoWays.com