About This Webinar
Asset Protection Executive Xchange (APEX) is a virtual event series creating valuable content for Asset Protection and Loss Prevention professionals. Tackling the hottest industry topics in the unscripted way TalkLP has become known for, attendees will get a firsthand look into the minds of Asset Protection executives from across the industry.

APEX WOMEN is specifically tailored to addressing the unique challenges women face in a male-dominated industry. This event is open and available to ONLY loss prevention, risk, and safety professionals. Sponsoring solution providers are welcome and encouraged to attend.

APEX Grocery is a virtual event produced by TalkLP.
Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, CII
Cynthia Hetherington, MLS, MSM, CFE, CII is the founder and president of Hetherington Group, a cyber investigations consulting, publishing, and training firm. With over two decades of expertise, Ms. Hetherington is a leader in due diligence, corporate intelligence, and cyber investigations. She is the author of three books on conducting cyber investigations and annually trains over 7,200 investigators, security professionals, attorneys, accountants, auditors, military intelligence professionals, and federal, state, and local agencies on best practices. She shares her expertise in this increasingly data-intensive, cyber focused-world through the publication of an industry newsletter, an online blog, and by hosting the annual OSMOSIS Conference.
Amber Bradley
Amber Bradley, founder of Calibration Group, LLC, is a brand-positioning expert with extensive experience across multiple business disciplines, including marketing and public relations. Amber’s proven success in creating multi-tiered, strategic marketing and communication campaigns continues to yield unmatched results for solutions providers, as well as retail loss prevention and operations professionals.

Amber is the owner and host of TalkLP that provides valuable content to loss prevention and asset protection professionals through unscripted interviews about all different types of topics.

Amber also serves as Executive Director for the Restaurant Loss Prevention and Security Association (RLPSA), and is a contributing editor for the D&D Daily, a daily e-news outlet specializing in providing the most relevant news for retail loss prevention, safety, and security professionals.
This webinar will show you…
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    Go girl...get that promotion!
    Don't know how to ask for that promotion you deserve? Not anymore.
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    Get Emotional About Your Brand
    Let's do it. Let's actually care more about branding ourselves!
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    T&A: The Technology Advantage
    Use the T&A to your advantage - the technology advantage, of course!