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Friday, Nov 13, 10:00 AM EST · 4 hours

Leadership Roundtable Discussion

November 13, 2020 at 10:00:00 AM · Eastern Time (US & Canada)
About This Webinar

Join us for this virtual live stream Leadership Roundtable Discussion. The purpose of this event is to prepare leaders for 2021 and beyond.

We are taking a proactive, forward-thinking approach to strategize and share innovative ideas as we address the concerns resulting for the pandemic.

We will share some of the following topics:

- Strategies for achieving CEO status to lead a successful business;

- Building a successful and sustainable business through team work and networking;

- Branding your business through;

- Managing stress during unstable markets;

- Maximizing tax deductions;

- Recordkeeping for tax purposes.

Who can view: Everyone
Webinar Price: Free
Featured Presenters
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L. GREGORY DORSEY, MPH, NASM CPT, PN1, CHC., is the Founder and CEO of LMD Coaching advancing healthier communities one person at a time. He is a Minister, Writer, Speaker, Fitness Consultant and Wellness Coach. Nationally Certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Nutrition, Metabolic and Endurance Coach. A multiple time Ironman Triathlete and Endurance Racing Competitor himself, Greg has coached hundreds of individuals both locally and internationally. With 20 years of ministry his passion is to promote healthier work/life balance to promote all to Live More Daily. With clients in over 10 states and counting Coach Greg’s Mission is for the World to Live Healthy, Stronger Lives ….. That’s the #LiveMoreDaily Way.
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Award-winning Life Coach, Speaker, Best-Selling Author of Surthrival Mode | Co-Founder of Alchemic Solutions

For nearly a decade, Mr. Taylor helped clients from all walks of life to thrive. Far too many of us are just surviving in life; especially men.

7 out of 10 suicides are committed by men. Young men of color currently have some the fastest growing suicide rates in our country. He has worked with men who’ve suffered internally for years. There’s a huge proverbial elephant in the room that needs to be addressed!

His offer is two fold. First, is his book and workshop called Surthrival Mode™️. It’s an easy to follow guide that shows men how to process their emotions and trauma using the 4A’s of Surthrival Mode. Second, is Alchemic Solutions, a company he co-founded that teaches young men and affinity groups emotional intelligence.

Additionally, he trains organizations in conflict resolution, goal setting and team building. Lastly, Mr. Taylor works with high profile individuals who have experienced crisis and/or public scandals.
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Real Estate Consultant, Realtor
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