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Covid-19 employer webinar: what to do this week - 2nd April 2020

April 2, 2020 at 11:00:00 AM · London
About This Webinar

The second free information-packed live discussion in our weekly series for employers getting to grips with the fast-moving changes we are all facing due to the global pandemic - Covid-19. This week, we are joined by a leading employment lawyer who will respond to your concerns and questions about furlough and vulnerable employees. You will also hear from a lead crisis consultant who will help you understand what you should do this week as part of a crisis response. We will also be giving valuable tips and essential advice on successfully managing those working from home with children of all ages.

About the series

As part of our business pandemic planning series, which has run since 2006, this weekly webinar will give you real answers and workable strategies. A highly experienced speaker panel will be handpicked each week to share lessons learned from previous pandemics and crises and examine the specific challenges of Covid-19.

The discussion will last for thirty minutes followed by a thirty minute Q&A- we are accepting questions before and during the broadcast. Please send your questions to elizabeth.smith@bfi.co.uk.

(You can find our full list of past and future conferences, workshops and webinars on our website: www.bfi.co.uk. We are currently developing all of our training in a digital format)

  • Defining and understanding furlough: Are employees on furlough allowed to check their emails to know about or take part in engagement activities?; Can we offer job coaching?; Can we ask them to complete voluntary wellbeing/happiness surveys?; Clarifying the mechanism to calculate and provide the furlough provisions; Are payments made by employers attributable to PAYE, or non-contractual and so not pensionable or taxable?; Is there a payroll cut off when staff had to be onboard for payment of furlough?; Individuals on Furlough - do they continue to accrue annual leave?; If a business "tops up" earnings to 100% can it include any leave that would be accrued whilst on furlough?
  • Will the national minimum wage increase will be postponed?
  • 'Vulnerable' employees who cannot work from home: clarification of what they are allowed to do and areas of potential liability
  • Working from home with children: sanity-saving strategy for employees; The importance of routines for everyone: defining and implementing them ; ‘But I’m no teacher!’ exactly how much can and should employees try to achieve this week; Setting realistic daily and weekly goals; Co-parenting and single parenting under lockdown: what might work for your employees?; Physical solutions: setting up a workstation at home; Tech hack and tips – for you, employees and children
  • Business continuity this week: recap of Business Impact Analysis informing a Business Continuity Plan; Critical business processes and their dependencies; Has the business environment changed since last week? How are you monitoring it?; Are you updating stakeholders and target audiences internally and externally?
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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter BFI-UK
Elizabeth Smith - Director of Research
Elizabeth is director of research and a founding co-director at Business Forums International. She is responsible for all programme content and writing, and researches current areas of interest for senior HR professionals in large organisations. BFI is the UK’s leading HR risk specialist conference and training provider, delivering key and timely information to over 3,000 delegates a year both through public and in-house training courses.

Before founding BFI in 1996, Elizabeth specialised in researching corporate financial programmes in Asia and the Middle East, based in Dubai. She also worked in advertising and publishing in the Middle East and London.

Elizabeth was educated in the West Indies, Saudi Arabia and Belgium and read Modern Languages at Durham University.
Webinar hosting presenter
Lead Crisis Consultant - Blindside Risk
Over the last 24 years, Mark has worked at the forefront of crisis management and communications internationally and held senior positions with leading consultancies such Control Risks, and Burson-Marsteller. Mark has worked on over 150 incidents of kidnapping, extortion, and hostage-taking around the world, and 19 cases of vessel hijack. He has also advised numerous companies as they have prepared to restructure, close facilities, or transfer operations to other countries.

Mark regularly presents at conferences and is often invited to comment on news stories on a regular basis by news channels such as the BBC, ITN, Channel 4, CNN, NBC, and Al Jazeera.
Mark will discuss ways in which employers can get to grips with specific challenges posed by the CV-19 crisis, sharing experience of companies operating in crisis situations; what will help employees and what won’t as well as putting together a comprehensive and workable crisis employee communication strategy.
Webinar hosting presenter
Barrister Lewis Silkin LLP
Prior to becoming a barrister, Vince worked in industry where he had first-hand experience in collective employment law and trade unions: as a shop steward; an adviser to independent trade unions; and an employment lawyer for a leading trade union firm of solicitors. Having then worked for a number of years in the Employment Department of a large city practice, he joined Lewis Silkin in January 2001.

Specialties: He is an expert in trade union and collective employment law issues. He advises on industrial disputes, Information and Consultation Regulations matters (ICE and TICE), as well as European Work Council issues. He also has experience in health and safety issues, including disaster management and corporate manslaughter.
Webinar hosting presenter
Personal and Professional Development Trainer
Tom's background as an actor and director means he works primarily in Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Communication Skills, Storytelling and PowerPoint training. He has worked with a wide range of individuals from many different countries and cultures and within varied industries.

A major turning point in Tom’s life was when he was diagnosed with cancer. He had a young son and a pregnant wife and so he decided he needed something else. He chose the profession of Business Trainer where he is keen to point out, you don’t need to wait until you have a life-changing event before you decide to make a change.

"I trained as an actor in the classic British way for two years on a Scholarship but decided I needed a different approach so I trained with a Russian at The School of the Science of Acting. The Principal had been trained by a student then colleague of Stanislavski himself. Along with his own advances on the technique, it was a thorough 4 years training."
“Give yourself all the breaks" and "Never take yourself out of the equation" are two principles which I have learnt the hard way. In fact, I think I’ve learnt everything the hard way until I changed profession."

Tom lives in Putney, London with his Glaswegian wife and their two Anglo-Scottish sons.
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