The big trend in 2021 is for larger 50,000 kN+ die-casting machines offering groundbreaking new opportunities for body in white manufacturing. Join us, to explore how these large cells with integrated peripherals could help you to achieve cost savings and improve quality. Learn about changes to part handling. How size and transportation could affect your site planning. And how our peripheral partners are adapting.

Learn more about Carat
  • Why die casting is taking over automotive production at OEMs
  • What to consider when planning for 50,000 kN+ machines
  • How to get the best OEE from a larger cell as a whole
  • Update on Carat 560/610 in production
  • New perspectives from other industry experts Update on Carat 560/610 in production
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    Cornel Mendler
    Managing Director Die Casting, Bühler Group
    Beginning of 2021 Cornel Mendler took over the role as Managing Director at Bühler Die Casting. He has been with the company for more than 25 years, the last eight as Managing Director Grinding & Dispersing. This previous role gave him valuable insights into the automotive industry due to partnerships with battery slurry producers to pioneer new processes for electric vehicles.
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    Michael Cinelli
    Product Manager Die Casting, Bühler Group
    Michael Cinelli is the responsible Product Manager of the die-casting machine portfolio. With his experience in the R&D department, he already worked on the continuous development of our large machine Carat and has a profound understanding of the die-casting market.
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    Nico Jordi
    Product Manager Die Casting, Bühler Group
    The responsible product manager for our cell solutions is Nico Jordi. With his industry experience – in the past he also worked for a die caster – he has a deep understanding about the whole die-casting production, how to optimize it, and he has a good network within the industry.