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I am Nature

About This Webinar

How can we reconcile the human scale, the climate crisis scale and climate inaction? Ecological intelligence and eco-literacy are ways to begin to bridge the nature-human divide. 60 minutes, with live Q&A with the presenters and post-panel online mingle for attendees. Free Admission.

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Featured Presenters
Webinar hosting presenter
Research Scholar
Saptaparni Pandit is currently a PhD Research Scholar in the Department of English, Kazi Nazrul University, India. Her broad area of PhD Research is Post-Anthropocentrism and a Postcolonial Rejoinder. She did her postgraduate research dissertation on Provincializing Shakespeare and Subverting the Beaten Track: Romeo+Juliet, Romeo/Juliet or Romeo and Juliet? She has been assigned to jointly write on the book The Routledge Companion to Alternative Organization (2014) for the journal Ephemera. She has also been assigned to jointly review the works, Manifesto for Living in the Anthropocene (2015), and Capitalism in the Web of Life(2015) for the journal Environmental Humanities (Duke University Press).
Webinar hosting presenter Matt Clark
Technical Director
Webinar hosting presenter Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards, MBA, is a journalist by background, a sustainability and communications consultant and founder/producer of Broto: Art-Climate-Science and TEDxProvincetown. He's focussed on big ideas, synthesis and innovation.
Webinar hosting presenter
Ecologist, Wild-Child, Surfer, Communicator
Dr. Rich Blundell is an ecologist working at the interface of art, science, nature and culture. His research examines how transformation happens across the scales of person, place and planet. As a cultural communicator, Rich tells a scientific story of the universe that includes art and human creativity as natural phenomena. This grant-funded work is grounded in the concept of ecological intelligence and is currently expressed through a traveling workshop for artists, storytellers and all cultural creatives: Into the Artmosphere​, a call for artists to change the climate of our minds.
Webinar hosting presenter
Nature Writer, Educator, Biomimicry Fellow
Margo Farnsworth describes her professional past as that of a hunter gatherer. From working in management at a backpacking store, as a park ranger and university biology teacher to working as a mammalogist, naturalist and executive director for the Cumberland River Compact working to enhance water quality/supply, she has always sought out ways to serve our planet and the people on it. In more recent times, she moved into the role of author, strategist and connector, helping national organizations, corporations, graduate students and PhD’s here and abroad to think deliberately and holistically about their missions,goals and operations and how they can use biomimicry in their work.

By activating water/energy-friendly behaviors, technologies and processes, using biomimicry more broadly in design and systems while enhancing communication internally and externally; businesses can become more resilient and bring that same benefit to people and the environment.

Margo's goal is to work on projects and with people to have stellar local sustainability impacts while tying into the global community to expand our collective success.

Author of Biomimicry and Business: ​How Companies Are Using Nature's Strategies to Succeed.
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